The EagleMag Magnetic Sweeper

The EAGLEMAG magnetic sweepers provide an effective and efficient means for clearing large and small areas of dangerous metal debris.  Offering fast clean-up and reducing the risk of personal injury are among the many magnetic sweeper advantages that make them beneficial for a wide range of maintenance functions.  Magnetic sweeper applications can be found in a variety of industries, but only the EAGLEMAG was designed specifically for use with Yard Trucks.

The EAGLEMAG sweeper magnet has been redesigned to better serve our customers in the yard truck, port and warehouse and distribution industry.  All of our magnets offer a lifetime guarantee on magnetic strength.  All EAGLEMAG sweeper magnets are manufactured from aircraft quality aluminum for durability and all are maintenance free.  We use grade 8 permanent magnets (the strongest ceramic magnet available) and forged steel eye hooks.  The magnets are sealed with no parts to damage.  Two of our products, the EAGLEMAG basic and the pressure release magnet now come with wear bars on each end.  The bars reduce wear and tear on your magnet especially where trucks operate over rough or uneven terrain.

The EAGLEMAG is made with super-powered, permanent magnets for the removal of sharp iron objects from roads, parking areas, loading docks, runways and other important traffic areas. EAGLEMAG magnetic sweepers greatly reduce the possibility of costly dangerous flat tires and injuries caused by nails, scrap iron particles, staples, etc.  Simply hang the EAGLEMAG magnetic sweeper from your yard truck bumper and “sweep” all contaminated areas.  Wipe the face of the magnet with a glove or heavy shop towel to clear.  Two eyebolts are installed on each EAGLEMAG for suspending with the use of an Install Kit.



•Permanent magnetism is guaranteed

•Our 48” model picks up approximately 44-46 lbs. of #8 nails from 2” high

•Available in widths from 36” to 96”

•Ideal for Preventive Maintenance of Yard Vehicles & Service Equipment

•Highest strength permanent magnetic construction encased in aircraft-grade sealed aluminum extrusion

•We use only Grade 8 permanent magnets, the strongest available, not the inferior Grade 5

•Bottom Mounted Wear-Bars for Maximum Magnet Protection

•Lifetime Guarantee on Magnetic Strength