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Yard Truck Manufacturers

There have been several manufacturers of yard trucks over the years, several have not survived. Those who have are in a heated battle over the entire industry, long term manufacturers are loosing customers to new innovating companies which have just entered into the market. Current manufacturers include:

Autocar - a local United States Indiana based company

The Autocar name has been synonymous with innovation in truck design for more than a century. From engines and suspensions to cab design, Autocar continues to lead the way - we're changing the paradigm of building severe duty Class 8 trucks for the refuse business.

Capacity of Texas - a local United States Texas based company

Capacity of Texas, we believe a spotting tractor is only as good, as its comfort, price, and durability. That's why our tractors, manufactured in an ISO 9001 registered quality system, continue to be the most durable spotting tractors in the industry. Considered a world class supplier, with units operating in all 50 states, and many foreign countries in addition to supplying a number of government agencies, including GSA, AAFES, DOD and the Postal Service.

Kalmar Ottawa - a foreign Swedish based company

Kalmar's aspiration is to be better than its competition in supplying customers with world class products supported by local sales and service networks.

Terberg - a foreign Netherlands based company

In addition to our operations in the Netherlands, we are also established in Belgium, the UK, France, Malaysia and Germany. Our products and services are supplied all over the world through an extensive dealer network.

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